The Amadeus Trio

Special Events

The Amadeus Trio has a number of special events that it can offer, schedules permitting. The most requested of these is an informal pre-concert concert performed gratis and normally held on the evening preceding the formal concert. The Trio has raised more than $200,000 for various organizations in the past 3 years through these events. The informal concert can be used as a fundraiser, as a donor thank you or as a perk for those who are season subscribers. Most frequently the event is held in large homes or mansions, churches or the actual concert hall in which the formal concert will take place. As a suggestion various organizations have chosen to offer dinner, dessert, wine and cheese or something else to compliment the evening but this may not work for you. The repertoire for the informal presentation is completely different than that performed for the formal concert. Questions and conversation between the artists and the audience add to the unique quality of this event. Should this idea appeal to you, but holding an event on the prior evening is not feasible, there are alternatives.

The Trio also has a presentation currently under development for business leaders that offers a unique perspective about business from a chamber music point of view. Topics discussed include the art of compromise, dealing with deadlines, multitasking when under stress, fundraising, the art of clear communication and performance/presentation anxiety. It's a fabulous opportunity to involve some of your largest contributors or potential donors in a very personalized way, perhaps exposing some of them to chamber music for the very first time in an intimate setting while giving them something that could potentially be of great value for their respective businesses.

All special events within reason are included in the concert fee.