The Amadeus Trio

Residency Activities

Hiroko Sasaki gives a demonstration.
The Amadeus Trio welcomes any opportunity to perform residency activities. Most popular among these offerings are school presentations. The trio enjoys and is comfortable giving these presentations for any age group. Most requested among these outreach activities is a school program titled "Around the World Through Music" which features music written by composers representing various countries and ethnicities. Though these are educational programs the trio's primary emphasis is on entertaining, engaging and interacting with the students. The educational component will surely come but through the entertaining. There are no dry recitations of lowest and highest note etc! The trio also welcomes opportunities to visit retirement communities or hospitals and coach/play or consult with amateurs in informal settings.

In university settings The Amadeus Trio offers private lessons, individual master classes, chamber music master classes, and ensemble coachings. Additionally the trio enjoys giving presentations for music history and music appreciation classes as well as offering performances for convocations if appropriate. One of the aspects of visiting a university that the musicians enjoy most involves simply going into residence halls dressed in jeans and beginning to play for whichever students might be there! As this is not a formal concert the artists stop frequently to answer questions and discuss all aspects of their lives as musicians with the students. This often results in an audience growing from a handful of students to a crowd oftentimes in excess of 200. All of these activities are usually presented a day or two in advance of the formal concert.

Any opportunity to give newspaper, television or radio interviews is welcomed by the artists.

Because the trio believes that residency activities are an invaluable part of any visit to a community all residency activities within reason are offered for no additional fee.