The Amadeus Trio


The Amadeus Trio believes that outreach activities are a vitally important and necessary part of any visit to a community no matter the size. Furthermore the trio loves doing residency work.

The trio has a number of special events that it can offer, schedules permitting. The most requested of these is an informal pre-concert concert performed gratis and normally held on the evening preceding the formal concert. You will find a description of this event here.

With regard to residency activities the trio offers all of the standard fare (class presentations, master classes etc.) but also welcomes opportunities to work with orchestras and bands, visit retirement communities and hospitals and coach/play or consult with amateurs in informal settings. You can find a brief description of all of these residency activities including those specifically for universities here.

Because The Amadeus Trio places such value on outreach activities all residency activities within reason are included in the concert fee.

"The Amadeus Trio has been performing in Birmingham, Alabama for many years. During their last three visits to Birmingham, they have given master classes for the students of Samford University's School of Music. Our students have benfitted greatly from the Amadeus Trio's teaching in these classes. Not only have the members given excellent teaching, but they have taught with tact and enthusiasm. It is evident that the three members of the Amadeus Trio are not only excellent performers but also wonderful teachers."

—Jeff Flaniken, Chair of Strings, Samford University

"I wanted to take just a moment and express my thanks to you for your wonderful performance at the opening of our Franklin College Chamber Music Series this year. It's always a great pleasure to find such marvelous musicians tucked away in such small packages!

Please allow me also to express the thanks of my colleagues in the School of Music to the Trio for providing individual master classes for our students. I was able to audit for only a short time, but it was clear to me that the students learned a great deal during those sessions. Your boundless enthusiasm for teaching and sinsightful comments to the students made the session a success.

It was our great pleasure to have you here. Audiences, students, faculty were rewarded by your musicianship, and we look forward to seeing you here again in the future."

—Timothy Bartholow, Director of the University of Georgia Performing Arts Center